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Do you feel mentally overloaded, confused or upset by setbacks in overcoming anxiety?

Do you worry that you will never be able to properly rest and relax?

Maybe you feel like life will never feel normal again, or you feel swamped by stress and anxiety and can't see a way out.


If you're sick and tired of feeling like you're taking one step forward and two steps back the Anxiety Rescue Kit can help you find your feet and move forward in conquering your anxiety.

The Anxiety Rescue Kit contains a workbook to help you find your feet and guided relaxation exercises to help you find relief from mental overload and anxiety - especially if you feel you are experiencing a relapse or setback.


I wish I'd had the Anxiety rescue Kit when I was suffering from panic attacks. A real treasure. 

Nicola Quinn Author, Life Without Panic Attacks


I am in the middle of working through The Anxiety Slayer Rescue Kit and I must say that it is enlightening and informative...I had no idea about the amount of value there is in this pack, lots of audio to listen to with practical relaxation and breathing techniques, and a fabulous information booklet/worksheet pack.

Maz Lopez


What's Included the Anxiety Rescue Kit


The Anxiety Rescue Kit Workbook

A short and sweet 12 page workbook to guide you through calming and clearing your mind when you feel overwhelmed by setbacks or adversity.

Contents include:

first aid  Your Self-Care Inventory
first aid  The Healing Benefits of Mindfulness
first aid  Calm Anxiety with Your Breath
first aid  Dealing with Negative Thoughts
first aid  Taming the Monkey Mind




Anxiety Coaching MP3s

Let us talk you through tough times with these five supportive mp3s.

It's not always easy to read an eBook when you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, so we've recorded the sessions in the workbook as mp3s that you can listen to on your iPod, or mp3 player anytime you feel the need for support.




Guided exercises to help you overcome your anxiety:


Affirmations for Challenging Times

This collection of affirmations has been carefully created to support you through tough times and help you create a positive start to your day. 


Silent Witness Breathing

A simple anxiety relief breathing practice to help you feel calm and in control.

Restful Awareness is the perfect anti-dote for a wired and anxious mind. Discover how to escape from unwanted thoughts and sink into a state of deep relaxation.



Restful Awareness Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is fast gaining recognition as an effective way to manage anxiety. In this guided meditation we will take you step-by-step through a simple mindfulness exercise that can help you calm your mind and relax. You can use this exercise anytime you want to feel more peaceful and in control of your anxiety.


Solace: Guided Meditation 

The dictionary defines solace as: "Comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness´╗┐" and that's exactly what this guided meditation is all about.

Solace is a deep relaxation experience created to support you when you feel sad or exhausted.

It is a vital part of the Anxiety Rescue Kit and will help you find hope and strength in overcoming anxiety.




Anxiety Rescue Kit extras

Anxiety Relapse and How to Get Through It

The Anxiety Slayer support kit was inspired by a conversation we had called: Anxiety Relapse and How to Get Through It - you can listen to the podcast here 

We've transcribed our conversation and included it in the Anxiety Rescue Kit so you can read through and pick out the points that can help you get back on track during challenging times.

Easy to print out and keep at hand, this transcript is provided to remind you that you are not alone and to give you tips to help you get back on track.

Topics covered: 

  • Anxiety is not an ordinary illness
  • Setbacks are normal - and they can happen to anyone
  • How to Focus on Self-Care Instead of Self-Doubt
  • Lessons in Losing Control 
  • Looking for Clues - Knowing What Can Trigger Your Anxiety
  • How Your Food and Your Breath Can Be Your Medicine
  • How to Deal with the Fear That You'll Never get Better
  • How to Nurture Yourself



Letting Go 

Let stress and anxiety melt away with this gentle yoga relaxation designed to help you put your body and mind into rest and recharge mode. Letting Go will help you release tension from your body and clear worrying thoughts from your mind. 


and our Print and Post Affirmation Sheet

Print our Affirmations for Challenging Times and keep them in your purse, on the fridge, or by your bed to keep you focused on your gentle journey to recovery.




Review from Nicola Quinn author of Life Without Panic Attacks

Many people recovering from chronic anxiety fall into deeper despair after their first setback. "I can't do this. What's happening to me? This isn't working. I'll never be free of this." And this is where Ananga and Shann's comprehensive Anxiety Rescue Kit comes in.

Just laying back and listening to Ananga and Shann explain why you are feeling the way you are is like having a big supportive hug. Simple common-sense advice mixed in with timeless wisdom to remind you that you are not alone and with instant fixes by way of extraordinarily relaxing meditations to bring you gently back onto the path again. 

The workbook is beautifully laid out, restful on the eyes, with easy to read large type, which is so useful as the last thing you need when you are in a panic is squinting at small type as you scroll down frantically to the part you need.

The gorgeous meditations are profoundly relaxing and suggestions are made as to when they may be used to best effect so you are not left wondering which one to use and when. The affirmations meditation is powerful and restores faith in one's ability to cope and move forward respectfully, reminding you of what awaits you if you are willing to be just a little patient.

Clear explanations as to how and why setbacks occur is reassuring and reduces anxiety levels quickly with very practical advice. The soothing, comforting tones of Ananga and Shann, combined with the authority and experience of these two dedicated individuals, who between them have helped many thousands of people pass through anxiety and out the other side, are always just a finger click away.

I wish I had had the Anxiety Rescue Kit when I was recovering from anxiety. A real treasure.

Nicola Quinn Author, Life Without Panic Attacks

The Anxiety Rescue Kit 

first aid   The Anxiety Rescue Kit Workbook
first aid   Anxiety Coaching MP3s
first aid   Affirmations for Challenging Times
first aid   Silent Witness Breathing: Anxiety Relief Exercise
first aid   Solace Guided Meditation for Difficult Days
first aid   Bonus Tipsheet: Anxiety Relapse & How to Get Through It 
first aid   Bonus Yoga Relaxation: Letting Go
first aid   Print and Post Affirmation Sheet