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Emotional Peace is a collection of guided meditations and affirmations for difficult days. 


Solace: Guided Meditation for Sadness or Low Energy

Affirmations for Hope in Challenging Times

Letting Go: Meditation for Peace of Mind



If you've ever needed to turn your mind off, to shut down the worry and all of the negativity you fee, this is more than a CD. It's a tool to help you cope and get over the rough spots. One of the coolest things about it is, the more you listen, the fewer rough spots. You're coping before you even realize it. Shann and Ananga are true forces for good and healing in a world that escalates the rat race every day! Buy it!

- iTunes review


This album contains over two hours of guided meditations and relaxing music. It’s so calming and immediately takes me out of my mind when I listen to it. In fact, I just listened to the Solace track because I’ve been very low on energy, and I did feel a calming pick-me-up after listening to it. If you’re someone who tends to feel easily anxious and overwhelmed (like me), then I definitely recommend this album (and all of their other products, too)!

- Jodi Chapman Soul Speak


This is a thoughtful and kind meditation which makes me feel like I can value myself during stressful times. I would highly recommend this beautiful guided journey to peace and acceptance for anyone, even after just a busy day.

- Amazon UK Review


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Emotional Peace - Guided Meditations for Challenging Times - Shann Vander Leek & Ananga Sivyer