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Feedback from listeners:

"Just wanted to drop you guys a note to say thanks for the podcasts.  They have been a huge help for myself since I found them earlier this year.  I am a delivery driver by trade, and spend a great deal of time alone, so these short bursts of relaxation have been a great leveller."

Duncan -


"This is a stressbuster on the go! The dedication of the team to keep the podcasts up-to-date and relevant is commendable. Keep up the good work." Shoemaccer - iTunes 


"I have found this podcast so helpful while I am struggling with stress at the moment. You are doing an amazing job helping so many people, and I just wanted to say thank you." Nicky - iTunes 


"Thank you so much for broadcasting your advice, this has really taught me to step back and relax. You don't know how much of a help this has been to me you're both remarkabe people." Josh - iTunes




Anxiety Relapse and How to Get Through It

In this podcast Shann and Ananga talk about what causes setbacks or relapses on the road to recovery from anxiety and how you can best support yourself when you hit a bump in the road.



Discussion points include: 

  • What causes someone to experience a relapse?
  • Setbacks from surprising places (non-prescription medications, caffeine, alcohol, recreational drugs, change, environment, hormonal changes)
  • How can you best support yourself when you think you are having a set back? What helps, what hinders?
  • The fear of never being free from anxiety.
  • The importance of valuing small steps, and developing a high priority for self care.
  • The importance of recommitting to self care when you feel challenged by increased symptoms.
  • The power that comes from taking care of the little things and how to build a sense of triumph over adversity.


Listen here:




If you know someone this podcast might help, please pass it on to them.

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Acupressure Points & Anxiety Relief: Introducing the Quick Anxiety Stopper

We receive regular questions about using acupressure points for anxiety relief, and there are several that are effective. But, in my experience, one of the easiest ways to calm anxiety with acupressure is to use a simple sequence of three acupressure/acupuncture points that are particularly good at calming anxiety and panic attacks.

In this week's podcast Shann and I are talking about these three points, collectively known as the Quick Anxiety Stopper Sequence, and how they work for reducing anxiety and help induce a sense of calm and control.


Listen here:




image by Keisuke Omi


Get yourself in a state!


Wouldn’t it be great if we could conjure up motivation, enthusiasm or confidence at the drop of a hat?

In this podcast Shann talks about a useful little technique, called anchoring, that you can use to store good past experiences and set them off to invoke a positive state in times of need.


Listen here:




Image by Camdiluv ♥ AmmyLynn


Challenge Your Anxiety by Doing Nothing

It’s getting harder to sit quietly. It’s as if we’ve become allergic to space and we have to fill it, with noise, with TV, with food, or with chatter...

But we don’t feel good when we fill in all the gaps. We start to feel unsettled, exhausted by our own minds whose wheels are spinning 24/7. We can’t find peace because we’ve drowned it out for so long we’ve forgotten where to look for it again.

In this podcast, Ananga talks about the benefits of building pockets of peace into your day.

Listen here:




For tools to help you experience peace every day try:

Our Yoga Downloads for Stress and Anxiety Relief - in particular Shann's Letting Go Shavasana

Body Scan - Guided Relaxation

Anxiety Breathing Technique - Silent Witness

Restful Awareness - guided breathing exercise for peace


image by niall_alexander


Can Guided Meditation Help You Reduce Stress?

Stress can be a real threat to your quality of life. When you're busy rushing around, it's easy to slide into a sense of feeling overwhelmed, and find yourself becoming irritable and short-fused with your loved ones.

Occasional spells like this aren't really a major problem, they may ruffle a few feathers here and there, but if stress levels recover again, things usually settle down - until the next time.

When stress becomes a real problem is when it goes unchecked and starts to build up without respite and without release. Once that starts to happen, tempers fray, and poor choices are made due to lack of clear thinking. And it's here that stress can start to cause significant damage in your life. Poor decision making and hasty choices, usually lead to messy complications which then cause further stress.

In this podcast Shann talks about guided meditation and whether or not it's a useful way to get relief from stress.


Listen here: