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One simple way to relax every day


One of the many benefits of hanging out with yogi's is that I've been introduced to the wonderful experience of being able to get myself really calm and quiet.

In this podcast I want to encourage you to experiment with settling yourself down for a few minutes each day and see how relaxed you can get your body.


How to Get Calm by Watching Your Breath

Once you've settled down and you feel comfortable, try watching your breath. Put one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest and feel your breath come and go.

Feel the change in temperature in your nose between your inhalation and exhalation, and play with making your exhalation a bit longer than your inward breath. 

Feel your breath coming into your chest and your belly, and then feel it leave and hear the sound it makes as it comes and goes.

The trick is to get really fascinated with your breath, and although it doesn't sound like such an amazingly interesting thing, the idea is to engage your mind in peaceful withdrawal from external stimulus. To feel calm, your mind needs something to focus on or it's going to start complaining and giving you things to think about that aren't relaxing at all; focusing on your breath is ideal.

By being relaxed and curious while noticing your breath you can lead yourself into a very peaceful and contented state.


Listen to the full podcast here:



Help from an Expert

When trying to learn any skill the best thing you can do is learn how the skill is practiced by people who are already experts. How do your favorite writers write? How do the best soccer players kick a ball? Find success patterns and replicate them. Skellie


My Anxiety Slayer partner Shann is an expert in using her breath to help her feel relaxed and calm. She's also a first class life coach and yoga teacher, which makes her the perfect person to teach you how to enter into a peaceful state.

Her new audio download Letting Go is in the Anxiety Slayer Store now where you can download your copy instantly for the cost of a cup of coffee...



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