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Introduction to EFT Teleclass
Introduction to EFT Teleclass

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Ayurveda and Anxiety Relief part 2

Shann interviews Ananga about how Ayurveda can help relieve anxiety. Part two of four interviews.

Some questions covered in part 2:

Is there one dosha, or Ayurvedic type, that is more likely to suffer from anxiety than others?

Can you tell me about the properties that make up the vata, pitta and kapha doshas?


Listen to the complete interview here:

Ayurveda and Anxiety Relief part 1 - Introducing Ayurveda for Anxiety Relief

Ayurveda and Anxiety Relief part 2 - Getting to Know Your Body Mind Type

Ayurveda and Anxiety Relief part 3 - How to Add a Dash of Ayurvedic Wisdom to Your Day

Ayurveda and Anxiety Relief part 4 - Simple Ways to Support Yourself


photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

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