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How To Calm Your Fragile Mind



Here's what's included

An in-depth exploration into caring for your mind with the following audio and handouts:


7 Audio Sessions

How to Calm Your Fragile Mind (30 minutes)

Shann and Ananga discuss aids and techniques to help you calm your mind when you feel overwhelmed by anxiety and unwanted thoughts.


Techniques for Coping with Negative Emotions (12 minutes)

Shann and Ananga talk about how to practice witnessing and peaceful awareness when negative thoughts arise and how to help yourself process them and let them fade away.


Knowing Your Mind - Healing Your Mind (3 minutes)

Ananga shares Ayurveda's teachings on the nature and purpose of the mind.

Understanding the function and nature of the mind can help you find freedom from feeling persecuted by your thoughts.

With this new awareness you can build strength and reflect on where you can take steps to develop a sense of calm and control over unwelcome thoughts and emotions.


Ayurvedic Teaching on Clearing Negative Thoughts (5 minutes)
A walkthrough of a witnessing practice for learning to observe negative thoughts with calm detachment.

How Living on Autopilot Affects Your Mind (6 minutes)

How living without tuning in to your body can increase negative thoughts and anxiety and how to start making changes that will increase your awareness and reduce your mental suffering.


First Steps in Mindful Awareness (6 minutes)

Guided support on getting started with using mindful awareness to calm your unruly thoughts.


Troubleshooting: What to Do When Your Mind Wanders (5 minutes)

Your mind will wander when you try and meditate! This audio will teach you why and show you how to keep focused in developing your mindful awareness practice.



Plus Handouts:

  • Lessons from Mangos & Flowers
  • Knowing Your Mind & Healing Your Mind



What will I learn?


  • That you are so much more than your mind and your painful thoughts
  • How resisting negative thoughts causes further pain and how you can begin to release them
  • Ayurveda's guidance on the nature of the mind and how to begin to calm it

  • How to enter into a state of passive awareness where unwanted thoughts cause less pain
  • A simple breathing practice to steady your mind when unwanted emotions flare up
  • The importance of space to let your mind rest
  • The power of taking your first step in taming your mind
  • Why your mind is like an unruly toddler and why getting firm and clear helps
  • Wisdom teachings on letting thoughts ripen and fade
  • How the mind is like your stomach and why it needs to digest experiences before it can let them go
  • An ancient process for witnessing your thoughts and finding peace of mind


How does it work?

Use the link below to receive instant access to the audio and PDF handouts from this teleclass. Once you have downloaded the content you can listen and tap along any time you choose to refresh your memory or deepen your experience of using EFT Tapping to calm your anxiety.

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