Keep Your Summer Calm and Cool with Lifestyle Tips from Ayurveda


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In this week's podcast we're sharing tips from Ayurveda (India's ancient science of life) on how to transition into Summer smoothly and calm your anxiety.



Some key tips from this podcast:


Spend time in nature

Shady mindful walks, or walking barefoot on grass in the morning
Evening walks during the cooler time of day
Standing in the moonlight an practicing awareness meditation like a simple breathing practice

Mindful breaks in natures help us break out of the cycle of rushing and worrying that can really peak anxiety in the Summer.

The simple adjustment of taking steps to keep as cool and relaxed as you can makes a big difference in Summer stress levels.


Avoid iced drinks because ice impairs digestion.

Instead, experiment with the following cooling teas:

These delicious herbs and flowers provide a gentle cooling effect within the body.

Favour lighter meals, but not too much raw food. Increase sweet tastes and reduce sour and salty tastes.





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