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How to Wipe Out the Fear and Discomfort of Anxiety

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In this week's podcast Shann reads an article she recently wrote for Aspire Magazine on How to Wipe Out the Fear and Discomfort of Anxiety 


Points covered in this article include:


  • If you suffer with stress, anxiety, panic attacks and an overall sense of worry about your health and well-being, you are not alone
  • Learning to slay your anxiety begins with personal awareness
  • Eliminating anxiety triggers like caffeine is one of the best ways to calm your nervous system and ease anxiety
  • Sleep deprivation and anxiety is often a vicious cycle
  • Breathing exercises are one of the most supportive activities you can add to your anxiety relief toolkit




For help with learning simple breathing exercises to help you slay your anxiety take a listen to Breathe our Anxiety Relief Breathing album in the iTunes music store

Find out more about Aspire Magazine at aspiremag.net


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