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In celebration of our 100th Anxiety Slayer podcast on iTunes  we created a program of 30 Days of Slayer Self-Care steps.

Every day for 30 days we posted something relaxing or uplifting for you to try to support you in developing your own collection of Anxiety Slayer skills. The key to the Slayer Self-Care Quest was to take time out every day for 30 days to do one small thing that served as a natural anti-dote to anxiety.



Small Steps to Big Change contains the original 30 steps in handy eBook format with additional audio support to help you know how to start tackling anxiety on even the toughest days.



The Power of Small Steps MP3 


 Shann Vander Leek is an internationally recognised coach, certified with the C.T.A.C (Coach Training Alliance Certification) she actively coaches clients all over the world and specialises in guiding her clients through transition.

In The Power of Small Steps, Shann shares essential skills for reducing feelings of stress and overwhelm and putting small steps of anxiety relief action in place in your life.


This supportive audio session covers the following areas:


  • the advantage of small steps over trying to make big changes
  • guidance on where to get started when dealing with overwhelming anxiety 
  • recommendations for checking in with yourself and monitoring your progress
  • what to do on difficult days 
  • how to keep moving forward when you feel low and doubt your progress


Shann and Ananga also share their personal stories about how they became convinced of the power of incremental change in their own lives.


Grounding Awareness & Personal Assessment MP3 

Ananga Sivyer, is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Humanistic Nuero-Linguistic Psychology, in this Grounding Awareness and Personal Assessment session she will guide you through a relaxing exercise in tuning in to your personal needs and stepping out in the direction that will best help you move away from anxiety and into a calm and confident state.



Five Finger QiGong guided meditation a simple sitting mindfulness exercise for calming anxiety.

The Morning - relaxing music for you to enjoy as you set the scene for your daily act of self-care.