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Anxiety Slayer has been offering a free podcast for six years. Now we want to help you go deeper by providing step-by-step support on getting the best experience from our favourite tools and techniques for overcoming anxiety.


Screen preview of our EFT Tapping for Anxiety Relief Course

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We are excited to announce our new course:

New Beginnings: Daily Steps for Self-Acceptance and Peace of Mind

A pathway to heal your past and slay your anxiety so you can reclaim your life.




 Beneath our personal stories of pain and discomfort, we can access wholeness, peace, and compassion.


If you want to wake up each day feeling good about yourself. Energized. Happy. Peaceful. If you want to shed the layers of protective armor wrapped around your heart, this supportive course is for you.

  • You can trade in the weight of guilt & shame for self-acceptance.
  • You can break free of the painful experiences of your past.
  • You can learn to silence your inner critic.
  • You can practice putting your energy where your joy is.


No matter what has transpired before this moment. No matter how much time you have spent stuck in the past or endured a prison cell of critical self-judgment, you are loved.




We are here to show you how to let go of what no longer serves you. Join us on this journey of deep self care work; lighten your load, calm your anxiety and lift your spirits.



New Beginnings: A pathway to heal your past, slay your anxiety and reclaim your life.




Join us on this journey of deep self care work;

lighten your load, calm your anxiety and lift your spirits.




7 supportive lessons to help you make peace with your past and enter into the present moment feeling safe and calm.

  • Discover how to use EFT Tapping to release painful emotions
  • Experience the powerful combination of yoga and journaling
  • Learn how to create your own healing space
  • Enjoy feeling more connected with nature and your loved ones
  • Try our guided practice for unwanted thoughts


Healing begins with self-respect and present moment awareness. Escape the trap of anxious thoughts and limiting self-beliefs that hold you back and start your New Year with this special journey in personal healing.



7 supportive lessons


3 guided anxiety calming yoga practices 
2 guided EFT Tapping sessions


PLUS journaling prompts and exercises to help you feel more at peace and in control of anxiety 





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