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Transition to Calm is designed to help you relax anytime you have been feeling anxious or stressed.

Featuring two guided relaxations and a breathing exercise for anxiety relief and accompanied by soothing music to help you relax and unwind, Transition to Calm was created to make it easy to take a break and find relief from anxiety no matter how busy, tired, or stressed you are.


There are three relaxing expereinces on this album:

Transition to Calm Guided Relaxation

Body Scan Guided Relaxation

Nadi Shodhana Calming Breathing Practice



I have been a fan of Shann and Ananga for a few years now listening to their Anxiety Slayer podcasts. So when I heard they had an album out I jumped at the chance. As always all their products are reasonably priced – I always feel that I get my money's worth. The guided meditation is a favourite so much so I am often so relaxed I fall asleep.

Can't wait for more!

– iTunes review


This relaxation does what the title says. It took me from the state I was in, (which wasn't calm) and by the end on the guided relaxation I was calmed and soothed. The soft voice and gentle music of this cd is a tonic for the ears and heart.

- Amazon UK review


Listen to previews of Transition to Calm on Amazon, or in the iTunes music store 

Transition to Calm - Guided Relaxations for Stress & Anxiety Relief - Shann Vander Leek & Ananga Sivyer