Introducing EFT Tapping with the Anxiety Slayers: Shann Vander Leek and Ananga Sivyer

Learn how to tap away your stress and anxiety with our Introduction to EFT Teleclass


What is it?

A 50 minute recording of our EFT Teleclass held in April 2013 complete with the following handouts:

  • Introduction to EFT Tapping
  • EFT on a Page - tapping diagram and prompts
  • Tap and Breathe Cheat Sheet - for quickly calming anxiety



What will I learn?


  • Where EFT tapping comes from and how it works
  • How to find and use your own healing points
  • Follow a guided exercise in using EFT to calm something that is causing you stress or anxiety

  • How to use your ears to relieve tension!
  • A secret to success for when you feel like EFT isn't working
  • The power of tapping for negative beliefs that can hold anxiety in place
  • The accumulative benefits of daily tapping
  • Tips on using EFT with children
  • How to use tapping discreetly so you can find relief even when you're in social situations
  • How to use EFT tapping for morning anxiety and set yourself up calmly for the day ahead

  • How using EFT regularly can help you prevent anxiety attacks

  • How to tap and diffuse emotions while you're talking about them

  • How to get to know your anxiety and use tapping to free your mind from it's grip


In this recording you can:

  • Tap along with Ananga as she guides you through using EFT to ease stress & anxiety
  • Experience a guided relaxation with Shann to help you release tension and quiet your mind





How does it work?

Use the link below to receive instant access to the audio and PDF handouts from this teleclass. Once you have downloaded the content you can listen and tap along any time you choose to refresh your memory or deepen your experience of using EFT Tapping to calm your anxiety.


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