The power of rituals for healing anxiety and emotional pain


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Points covered in this episode:

Rituals are an important part of healing and are a key part of the spiritual therapy of Ayurveda.

Daily rituals open the mind to receiving the messages of our deeper consciousness. Anxiety and emotional pain confine the mind, they shut it down and put the messages we need to hear in order to heal in boxes. When we go to look in one of those boxes we usually feel bad and put the lid back on fast.

How often have you heard yourself or someone close to you say "I don't want to talk about it."

This is one of the key challenges with counselling, we don't want to delve deeper into our pain, we just want to put it behind us and move on. Unfortunately, emotional pain is sticky and heavy, it doesn't stay behind us, and if it does it will be like a ball and chain.

Our feelings are messengers

Once we hear them, we will be more inclined to take action.

This is where daily rituals can really help. Rituals help us stop running from our pain, they help us slow down and pay attention to ourselves. This stops the stress. Taking care is the opposite to the chaos and fast pace stress brings into our day.

We don’t need to dig but we can make space

We don't have to dig into our anxiety and pain, but we can learn to be more comfortable with all aspects of ourselves when we invest in daily care. 

There's a wisdom teaching in the Vedas about feeling fear due to thinking a rope is a snake. We respond to what we perceive to be the truth. Once we shine some light in our darker corners we see it may not be as bad as we thought.

Self-care is the start of self-love and it's very important for all of us, especially those who are sensitive and suffering with anxiety.

It keeps us grounded and helps us feel safe. We have to give ourselves love and acceptance to be healthy. Self-compassion is essential for overcoming anxiety. When we are hard on ourselves it only increases our stress.

When we make self-care time a priority we find answers come to us. Either in acceptance or in realisations, ideas about where our anxiety or pain is coming from and how we can best support ourselves.

We talk about his in detail in our How to Calm Your Fragile Mind course and have included some wisdom teachings and exercises for freeing yourself from painful emotions.


For your overall health:

We get lots of letters form listeners who fear illness, this is the key to protection. Our immune system greatly benefits from emotional healing. Ayurveda teaches that emotional health is as important as physical health it should go along side clean eating and good nutrition.


Recommended Practices

Daily EFT Tapping for clearing and self-support

Daily breathing practice for self-acceptance - we have breathing practices on iTunes and Amazon starting at 99cents just search the words "anxiety slayer" - we will also be sharing a special breathing practice for self-kindness and settling emotions in our new Slayer Academy course: New Beginnings available from February 2017.

Remember, sensitive souls need rituals, it's part of our essential maintenance. It's an investment in our overall wellbeing without our daily acts of self care we suffer, but with them we thrive.

Start small but start today. And please feel very welcome to share with us how you're doing.