Anxiety made worse by pain medication and fear of broken reality


In this week's podcast we're responding to a listener question on anxiety made worse by pain medication and fear of broken reality:

"I love your podcast, I listen to it a lot and it has really helped me with my anxiety. A few months ago I had a bad experience which triggered the start of my anxiety. I had a bad experience with pm pain medication that caused me to wake in a strange state between waking and dreaming. That experience scared me to my core and has me questioning my reality. How can I get over this kind of fear? It has me questioning everything."


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Points from the podcast:


Many painkillers are opiate (narcotic) based and that can cause some unusual side effects

  • Speak to your doctor about any concerns

  • Look at support groups, or forums, for other people's experience with that particular medication


Try Grounding practices

Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong - follow some directions online or join a class

Walking in nature, get plenty of fresh air and keep hydrated


Takeaway - 2 key areas to cover

Talk to your doctor about your concerns and get informed about the medication

Get grounded - pain and pain medications can both cause dissociation, grounding practices can help you feel more calm and connected again.



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