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With a love for what we do, over 6 million downloads and hundreds of free episodes, the award-winning Anxiety Slayer™ podcast is a leading resource for anyone who suffers from anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and PTSD. Our mission is to help you feel more peace and tranquility in your life with podcasts, supportive courses, meditations and anxiety breakthrough coaching to help you slay your anxiety. To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we’re offering half price savings on ALL of our Anxiety Slayer Academy Courses. You can learn EFT Tapping for anxiety relief, know how to stop anxiety attacks, find freedom from health anxiety and more.

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Our Mission

The Anxiety Slayer™ podcast was created in 2009 by Shann Vander Leek and Ananga Sivyer. We teamed up to present Anxiety Slayer with the intention of supporting anyone who's life is over-shadowed by stress or anxiety. Together, we create supportive podcasts, online courses, and guided relaxations for anxiety relief.

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Dear Shann & Ananga, Thank you for all the hard work you put into your podcasts each week. I feel like the topics are relevant and supportive. Your voices are also very calming and reassuring. I feel like I've found a trusted friend.


Our Impact

We have been serving our global audience for 10 years with mindfulness-based approaches to wellness. Every time we come together, our focus is how we can serve anybody who is suffering with compassion and supportive techniques for anxiety relief. Our impact continues to grow with every podcast episode we release and course offering we create. We are truly blessed to serve you.


10 Years+

years serving our community

Our friendship and business partnership continues to bring us so much joy. We are aligned to serve our growing community for many years to come.


6.2 Million+

Downloads of our podcast

Our focus is answering listener questions about managing anxiety and sharing supportive and compassionate conversations. We reached our first million downloads before we even paid attention to our statistics!


150 Thousand+

people supported

Our listenership is growing. We average over 125,000 downloads every month and growing! Add this to our online following and we’re reaching more people who are suffering every day.


Anxiety Slayer Academy

Supportive courses to help you overcome anxiety. Don't just listen to Anxiety Slayer, become an Anxiety Slayer!

Join us at the Anxiety Slayer Academyfor one of our popular online courses and First Responder Series designed to help you calm your precious mind.


Some of our Online Courses

Health Anxiety

Worrying about your health can rob you of precious time and peace of mind. Over the last nine years, we've uncovered the biggest challenges our listeners face with Health Anxiety. In the Anxiety Slayer First Responder Series for Health Anxiety, we respond to these challenges with step-by-step teachings, tools, and techniques to help you stop anxious thoughts about your health.

EFT Tapping for Anxiety Relief

One of the biggest challenges in living with anxiety is that it can be so overwhelming that we often don't know where to start to get support. EFT for Anxiety Relief is a great place to begin. Within fifteen minutes you can start using EFT Tapping to clear anxious thoughts and find hope and clarity to move forward and slay your anxiety.

Anxiety Attacks

We understand the most common obstacles people face with anxiety attacks. The top three concerns include the fear of an attack, not knowing the cause of an attack, and managing anxiety. In the Anxiety Slayer First Responder Series for Anxiety Attacks, we respond to these three challenges with step-by-step teachings, tools, and techniques to help you overcome anxiety attacks and reclaim your life.

How to calm Your Fragile Mind

We often receive questions in our Inbox asking us to teach more about working with unwanted thoughts and painful emotions along with regular requests for more information on Ayurveda and its teachings on calming the mind - How to Calm Your Fragile Mind is the course where we go in-depth into both subjects.




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