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Anxiety Slayer is one of the most listened to resources for stress and anxiety relief and we are close to a milestone 6 million downloads and have produced over 450 free podcasts, but free podcasts aren't free to produce and each and every episode takes several hours of work.

We're building a community of 100 Anxiety Slayer friends and supporters on Patreon. This will help us keep the podcast going and create more in-depth tutorials, mini-courses and walkthroughs on the anxiety problems our podcast listeners are asking for help with - like how to get relief from the symptoms of anxiety, how to feel more secure in your relationships, how to stop anxiety costing you your job, and how to recover from an anxiety flare up.

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  • Guided EFT Tapping Sessions

for support in overcoming specific challenges with anxiety like health worries, fear of rejection, and hyperventilation 

  • Guided meditations and breathing practices

  • Ayurveda Discovery Sessions

exploring the body and mind types of Ayurveda and self-help practices for calming the mind and nervous system.

  • Slayer Sessions

exclusive podcasts with Shann and Ananga 

We will be adding new sessions every month.