411: Anxiety after a good time out with friends



This week’s listener question is about feeling anxious after a good time out with friends.

When I go out and have a really great time with friends and am laughing and having a wonderful time, the next day I'm full of anxiety. Not to sure why this happens maybe having such an endorphin and serotonin rush that when it drops the next day my anxiety kicks in?


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Points covered in this episode:

  • It can take a lot of nervous energy for someone living with anxiety to socialise
  • Stimulation: lots going on, everyone talking at once, noisy environment 
  • Alcohol consumption usually spikes anxiety the next day


How to support yourself around time out with friends

Try not to fall into the trap of good and bad thinking. For example, “If I had a good time, why am I feeling so bad?”

Make sure you eat something sustaining (carry a banana or a date bar if you aren't going to be eating a meal)


Keep hydrated - drink water, or herbal teas if available


Carry Rescue Remedy


Allow time after a social event to rest and settle again.