460: How can I calm my anxiety at night?

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We’ve received several questions in our private Facebook group about anxiety getting worse at night and spoiling a good night’s rest. Today we’re sharing our favorite tips for calming anxious thoughts and settling in for a good night’s sleep.

Points covered in this episode:

Ayurveda - and the importance of timing for good sleep. And advice for calming the evening energy that provokes anxiety.

Moving to relax your body The benefits of an evening walk after dinner & simple yoga stretches for sleep.

Banish the screens Replacing scrolling with an inspiring read, or audio book.

Essential Oils

Vetiver Vetiver is a tall aromatic grass, the essential oil is extracted from the roots. It has a sweet, woody, earthy fragrance which helps with grounding and calming anxiety.

Ayurveda teaches that most root are good for calming anxiety and helping us feel grounded and steady in our body.

Vetiver has also been used as a calming natural remedy for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Shann’s Favourite Sleep Blend: Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood

Foot massage for calming and clearing your mind

Did you know that massaging your feet before going to bed can help you sleep? Rubbing sesame oil into the soles of your feet is deeply relaxing and brings all that busy head energy down through your body, leaving your head calm and trouble free and ready for peaceful rest.

Start by rubbing a little oil between the palms of your hands then rub it over the top of your foot. Work your thumbs in the groove between the bones on the top of your foot to relieve tension in the chest, and then work up and down the instep of your foot to relax your back and let accumulated tension in your spine melt away. Next pinch and squeeze your way down the outside of your foot from the base of your little toe to your heel area to relax tension in your shoulders and arms.

Now turn your attention to the soles of your feet, rubbing and working your way from your heels up to your toes.

Pressing into the middle of the sole of your feet activates the kidney meridian and is very grounding and good for relieving anxiety.

To accompany this episode, Ananga has created a special Guided Tapping Session for Restful Sleep on our Patreon that begins with calming restless anxiety and worrying thoughts and progresses into Tapping and breathing for deep relaxation and sleep. This Tapping audio can also be used to help you relax and get back to sleep if anxiety wakes you at night.

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