Getting Unstuck: How to free yourself from Anxiety’s web

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

In this week's podcast we're talking about getting unstuck; how to free yourself from anxiety's web.

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Points covered in this episode:


Facing Anxiety with awareness

  • facing anxiety can be like facing up to a bully

Anxiety feels like an enemy, but it's a messenger

Tuning in to where anxiety affects your body

  • sometimes we're so used to anxiety; we don't notice its effects on us
  • it becomes a tangled sensation in our body and mind
  • we try and push through and keep going
  • but our avoidance causes more stress
  • eventually, we become exhausted

What helps calm tangled anxiety?

Breathing into anxiety can be helpful in developing a sense of acceptance and calm awareness.


Ananga shares a simple heart-centred compassionate breathing practice.

Why EFT Tapping is so helpful for anxiety sufferers

  • Tapping helps us contact our feelings with compassion and support.
  • it facilitates safe introspection

EFT Tapping honours our experience

Tapping encourages awareness by facilitating speaking the truth of our experience with compassion, noting and releasing. While facing anxiety head-on, EFT helps us quickly feel relief.