How to stop dwelling on unwelcome thoughts


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Points covered in this episode:


The mind creates it’s own disturbing dialogue. It stores the impressions of all our past experiences, and these gathered experiences form our default inner dialogue. That dialogue can kick off as unwanted thoughts without any apparent cause or provocation.

The mind has a negative bias which will disturb us by imagining problems that don’t exist, and by exaggerating small challenges into big worries.

The mind creates F.E.A.R by showing us False Evidence and making it Appear Real.



We get into trouble when we believe the mind’s propaganda and we see its story as fact - at any time we can use our intelligence to choose something different.


Thought Stopping Practice

Conscious Redirection
When your mind whispers fears in your ear:
  1. Stop and take a deep breath
  2. You might even say stop out loud
  3. Question the mind’s evidence and authority
  4. Redirect your attention to your truth right there and now in this moment.
One of the easiest ways to do that is to say, Right now, in this moment, I am here and I am doing this.”
State where you are and what you are doing.

Feel your body making contact with a surface that’s supporting it.

List three things you can see

Two things you can hear

One thing you can feel

Get grounded back in your body and regroup

The trick of the mind is to make us believe it’s our only voice but it’s not the truth.

Other tips

Try labelling your thoughts without emotional engagement. Use simple labels like thought, or worry. But don’t get into it, keep it brief and simple.

Try thinking of your thoughts as temporary and changing like the weather. Imagine your thoughts floating by like clouds in the sky.

Don’t try and stop or fight your thoughts, this gives all your power to your mind. Instead stop, breathe and re-direct.

Remember: This is my truth right now. I am here and I am doing this.”

And, of course, learn and use any other techniques that can help you tame your thoughts like EFT Tapping.

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