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How to Calm your Fragile Mind Course 

An in-depth exploration into caring for your mind with the following audio with Anxiety Slayers: Shann Vander Leek and Ananga Sivyer



How to Calm Your Fragile Mind 

Shann and Ananga discuss the nature of the mind and how to begin taming negative thoughts and finding peace. 


Points covered in this audio support program include:

  • How resisting negative thoughts causes further pain and how you can begin to release them
  • Ayurveda's guidance on the nature of the mind and how to begin to calm it
  • How to enter into a state of passive awareness where unwanted thoughts cause less pain
  • The power of taking your first step in taming your mind
  • Why your mind is like an unruly toddler and why getting firm and clear helps
  • Wisdom teachings on letting thoughts ripen and fade


PLUS First Steps in Mindful Awareness 

Guided support on getting started with using mindful awareness to calm your unruly thoughts.


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How to Calm Your Fragile Mind mp3

First steps in Mindful Awareness mp3


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