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Supportive courses to help you overcome anxiety with Shann & Ananga from the award-winning Anxiety Slayer Podcast


Discover how to slay your anxiety with a uniquely supportive learning experience.

Our online courses offer step-by-step support for getting the best experience from our favourite tools and techniques for overcoming anxiety.

You can follow your course anywhere, anytime: on your laptop, tablet, or your phone. Your course place will be kept for you wherever you log in and your progress throughout the course will be bookmarked.

There is no time limit to complete your course and you have lifetime access so you can re-visit and refresh your memory at anytime in the future.

With you course available from your phone you can have our guided calming practices, relaxations and Tapping Sessions with you at all times.

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Learn How to CALM Your Health Anxiety AND FEEL Peace of Mind

Are you missing out on time with your family, or unable to do the things you love because you find yourself frozen in fear that there may be something wrong with you?

We understand. We have both experienced health anxiety and we know how it can take over your mind and cast a shadow of fear over your life.

If you feel that you are not living today because you are so worried about what tomorrow may bring, this course is for you.

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Do you find yourself living in fear of having an anxiety attack?

Are you scared to leave your home because you feel anxiety could strike anywhere?

Are you worried that anxiety attacks are affecting your relationships? Or might cost you your job?

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can know how to stop anxiety attacks and reclaim your life, and we can show you how.

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Finding freedom from negative thoughts

We often receive questions in our inbox asking us to teach more about working with unwanted thoughts and painful emotions. And also receive regular requests for more information on Ayurveda and its teachings on calming the mind - this is the course where we go in-depth into both subjects.

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Everything you need to know to conquer your anxiety with EFT Tapping

Over the last ten years, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has gained world-wide acclaim for it’s effectiveness in reducing the intensity of traumatic memories. Scientific studies have focused on the application of EFT in the treatment of depression, anxiety and trauma with positive results.

EFT for Anxiety Relief will help you learn to use EFT quickly and easily. You will find audio recordings and a comprehensive guidebook created to help you start feeling relief from your anxiety today. You will develop awareness of your emotions and anxiety triggers and work in a self-respecting way to gently and thoroughly address your anxiety and help you move towards a calmer, happier life.

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Beneath our personal stories of pain and discomfort, we can access wholeness, peace and compassion.

Join us on this journey of deep self-care work; lighten your load, calm your anxiety and lift your spirits. Dig into 7 supportive lessons to help you make peace with your past and enter into the present moment feeling safe and calm.