3 fears that stop you asking for help and how you can overcome them

Points covered in the podcast:

Fear of appearing weak

  • The expecation of carrying on

  • How asking for help shows strength

  • Our relationships can improve when we share our struggles

Fear of rejection

  • Do you reject others when they need help? They want to help you too

  • Getting beyond the fear

Fear of admitting loss of control

  • We all have tough days, we all fall apart sometimes and it's OK

  • Sometimes sharing our own struggles and vulnerability is a relief to others

  • When we open up to each other we relate more from the heart

  • Being human

What helps?

  • If you tend to hide your worries behind a smile and a brave face try taking Bach Flower Remedies agrimony if you feel shy or anxious about discuss your concerns you might benefit from taking mimulus

  • Try and keep your requests specific.

    • Think about what you need help with, for example:

    • Do you need someone to talk to?

    • Do you need help researching techniques to try?

    • Do you need help going out in public?

  • Try EFT tapping to help you feel comfortable speaking to a friend or family member

 photo credit: Conversation via photopin(license)

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