Can a weighted blanket calm your anxiety?

Lifehacker recently published a post on sleeping with weighted blankets and referred to a study that found weighted blankets can help anxiety and insomnia. In this week's podcast we are talking about why sleeping with extra weight and warmth can help anxiety according to Ayurveda.

Points covered in the podcast

A weighted blanket can help give a sense of swaddling, security and groundedness

Ananga: When I was anxious as a child I used to like being tucked in at night. In those days we had a sheet covered by a blanket or two and a cover on top. So it was more secure and weightier than the duvets we mostly use these days.

Anxiety isn't a "one size fits all issue".

Ayurveda teaches how we can understand our own individual nature and use that understanding to make supportive choices in diet, lifestyle etc to calm anxiety.

Why a weighted blanket can help anxiety according to Ayurveda?

Why a weighted blanket may also help:

  • Restless leg

  • Hyperactive mind

Does it have to be a special blanket?

  • The benefit's of Child's pose to calm anxiety

  • As an alternative to a weighted blanket try making a nest

  • Make yourself a safe resting place. Use pillows and blankets to create a space that feels soft and warm.

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