3 Secret ways to stop anxiety when you’re around other people

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

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We've received some questions over the last couple of weeks about supportive ways to calm anxiety when you're around other people, for example, at work, or at a social gathering. In this week's podcast, we're sharing three secret ways to calm rising anxiety using acupressure points. 


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1. The Calm Point

A calming secret from the ancient Healing Science of Ayurveda that can calms the heart and eases anxiety.

To find the point make a fist with your left hand and look for where your middle finger touches your palm. Now press that point with the thumb of your right hand for about a minute while you take deep steady breaths. 


2. Wrist Acupressure Points

Pericardium 6, Acupressure Point

Also known as Inner Gate, this acupressure point is well-known for calming nausea and motion sickness. It can also be used to reduce anxiety. Since many anxiety sufferers also feel nauseous and unsettled in their stomach, this point is particularly helpful.

To learn more about loacting and triggering this point, please listen to the full podcast.


Heart 7, Acupressure Point

The traditional Chinese name for Heart 7 (HT 7) is Shen Men, which means Spirit Gate. This acupressure point is helpful for calming anxiety, panic attacks, and heart palpitations. 

Apply gentle pressure to this point for two to three minutes. Try holding the left side first, and then switching to the right. Wearing a hint of a smile on your face will help relax your face and mind, and sending a message of self-compassion to your heart can make this a very soothing practice.


3. The EFT Finger Points


You can benefit from the calming effects of EFT without actually tapping on the points. This is a great way to use EFT when you're around another people. You can hold the Tapping points while taking steady breaths in a waiting room, at a social meet up, a concert, an interview, at the grocery store, in line, anywhere.

Try massaging the EFT finger points with your hands resting in your lap, or under a desk, or table. 

You can find a diagram of the EFT Tapping points here