402: How to Calm Anxiety when it Strikes at Night

Points covered in this episode:

Sit up and put the light on, if you're sharing a room with someone else and you're concerned about disturbing them, get up and move to another room.

Don't try and lay there with it in the dark hoping it will pass, the mind can very quickly start turning over on itself. Take action.

Be kind to yourself, if you fix your mind on how this might affect your sleep, and all the things you have to do tomorrow, or get stressed with yourself your body will start producing adrenaline and you will escalate the anxiety and affect your chances of getting back to sleep.

Try and keep your mind quiet and in the moment. Use some of the recommendations here to calm your anxiety and relax back into sleep.

We recommend keeping Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy Night Time Spray by your bed and spraying it under your tongue any time you wake up with anxiety.

Try EFT Tapping - if you know how to use EFT, start Tapping and taking steady breaths while tuned in to the sensations in your body. At first, this may feel challenging, but after a couple of minutes you will feel the symptoms start to subside and your body will begging to relax.

In our new course First Responder Series: Anxiety Attacks we have recorded a guided 7 Minute SOS Guided Tapping Session that will talk you through how to Tap to feel calm and relaxed again. The course will be available soon. In the meantime, you can follow a guided tapping session in our free Anxiety Slayer Starter Course available at anxietyslayer.teachable.com

Make an Almond Milk drink with almond milk and nutmeg to help you get calm and fall back to sleep.

For further support getting back to sleep, you might choose to curl up and listen to a guided relaxation or practice the long exhale.

Tip: keep an Anxiety Rescue Kit by your bed with some Rescue Remedy, lavender essential oil, and your audio player with some soft, comfortable earphones.