403: Looking for a quick fix for anxiety

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In this week's show, we're responding to a question from a listener who's asking: "What do you say to people who want to try anti-anxiety medication? I need a quick fix as I feel like your remedies take time to work."


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Discussion points from the show include:

Regarding medication, we would recommend finding an experienced and caring medical practitioner who can discuss your options with you. With anxiety, as with all things, taking medication doesn’t rule out self-care and natural methods, the two can go together.


Natural remedies and life-style adjustments can start to support anxiety surprisingly quickly, but patience and persistence are certainly good attitudes to accompany calming anxiety.
Anxiety is fuelled by speed and adrenaline so slowing down and making some changes are helpful with addressing the root cause of anxiety which is increased by rushing.

Many of self-care practices that calm anxiety can easily be worked into a busy schedule and practised with children too.


Anxiety calming tips for busy people: 

Taking family nature walks and playing mindfulness games along with your children like: 
“How many sounds can you hear?”
”How many colours can you see?”
“What does this tree feel like?”

Immersing yourself and your children in nature helps everyone feel grounded and calm.

Calming bedtime drinks: almond milk for everyone, with honey to taste and a pinch of nutmeg for you.

Using calming essential oils: no time expense necessary, lavender, lemon balm and geranium can all be diffused around the home safely and help induce a sense of calm.

EFT Tapping can help you feel calmer in minutes. Try the guided session in our free Anxiety Slayer Starter Course every day for a week, it takes just a few minutes. The course also contains some guided relaxation and breathing practices which are very quick and easy to follow.

Guided Meditation: If you don’t have time to meditate, try drifting of at night listening to a guided relaxation, this is a very easy way to calm anxiety and takes no extra time from your busy schedule.

Calming Herbal teas: chamomile in particular. People often think chamomile is an old-fashioned tea that doesn’t do much. But chamomile is a potent herb that is very effective for supporting anxiety. We recommend Pukka Teas relax blend which balances chamomile with other calming and digestion soothing herbs.

Rescue Remedy: carry a spray bottle and spray directly under your tongue and in your drinks.
All of the above can help reduce anxiety noticeably, and within a week or two, if you can practice with them and weave them into your life.