408: Help for Anxiety Brain, When Everything Seems too Much

In this episode, we’re talking about ways you can cope with anxiety brain and responding to the following listener question:
Q: Are there any ways to help with "anxiety brain" as I call it, where everything seems too much to process and you can't speak or coordinate things well? A lot of the times when I get like that it makes it worse for me and I get more anxious. 

Notes from the show:

Slow down and show yourself kindness. Try some guided breathing practices for a few minutes each day to help settle and support your mind.

Allow time for walking and rest

This advice might sound challenging if your nature is to want to push through and get things done, or if you feel like anxiety affecting your speech and co-ordination is in some way affecting your work or social interactions with others. But slowing down and self-compassion are key to reducing the sense of overwhelm where everything feels like too much to process and also in steadying your speech and co-ordination.

Bach Flower Remedies

  • Elm for overwhelm
  • Impatiens if you feel irritable or frustrated with yourself or impatient that anxiety should just go away and leave you to get on with things


The importance and magnesium to calm anxiety and support the nervous system

  • Natural Calm drink or high quality supplements
  • Warm baths with Epsom Salts and lavender

Ayurveda’s advice for times when you struggle with processing and speech

  • filter out as much incoming information as you can
  • practicing spells of quiet time
  • how vata disturbance pushes us to speak more
  • practice active listening - to yourself and others
  • spend gentle time with yourself - curl up and read or listen to something relaxing

Breathing Practice for calming and clearing the mind

Try the Bumblebee Breath - this is a special Ayurvedic breathing practice for calming anxiety and benefitting speech. It’s called Brahmari pranayama in Ayurveda and has been used for thousands of years for calming and steadying the mind.

We created our own guided practice you can download and follow on our popular Breathe album available on CD Baby or from our new Patreon page