407: EFT Tapping Question - Can I just tap the karate point to calm my anxiety at work?

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels
In this episode, we’re discussing a new listener question about EFT Tapping.

Q: Hi Anxiety Slayers! I was curious to know is there an EFT tapping that you can do let’s say at work using only the karate chop point. Would it have same effect as doing the entire EFT session?

Points covered in the show:

Tapping the karate chop point is a good start but it won’t support you as much as the entire sequence 

How to use Tapping or massaging on the hand and finger points

Secret Tapping

Restroom Tapping

Ananga's story of Tapping success at a leading Telecommunications company

The benefits of beginning and ending your day with a Tapping session

All of the above is included in our new course that will be available this fall.