422: Help for obsessive thoughts about health and symptoms

In this week's podcast, we’re responding to a listener question about obsessive thoughts about health and symptoms. 


Points discussed in this episode:


  • How, according to Ayurveda, high anxiety stirs up our thoughts
  • How high in the body and mind provokes fear about health, mortality and leads to feelings of disassociation
  • The power of proactivity in calming vata



What helps calm obsessive thoughts:

Breathing practices: for calming the speed and movement of thoughts

The Bumble Bee Breath for Calming Anxiety

Nadi Shodhana Calming Breathing Practice (Alternate Nostril breathing)


Walking: for grounding, coming down from the fight, flight or freeze and moving adrenaline out of the body



How it helps

Recommendation: Daisy Lee - Radiant Lotus Qigong for Women and Qigong for Stress Relief


Essential oils


EFT Tapping: Tapping can help calm the anxious thoughts fixating on the fear that something is wrong with you and lead you out to feeling calm and settled in your body.

We recommend working with a qualified EFT Practitioner for best results which you will see very quickly with the right guidance.


The main challenge with such high anxiety is not whether you can get over it, you can - we have and you can too - the challenge is whether you can take action. The anxious mind is by nature complacent and confused, it goes round and round in circles of suffering. If you can break through that and get support to follow some recommendations and techniques you can get through this and feel relief.

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Thanks for listening. Come back next week for an episode about addressing the anger and frustration caused by anxiety.