421: How to feel calm and safe again after an anxiety attack

In this week's podcast, we're sharing a lesson from our new course - Anxiety Slayer First Responder Series: Anxiety Attacks on how to feel calm and safe again after an anxiety attack.



Notes from this episode: 

This week we’re very happy to be sharing with you one of the lessons from our brand-new First Responders course where we’ve compiled our very best and favourite techniques that can help you break free from anxiety attacks and reclaim your life.


Inside the course you will find tools and teachings to help you:

  • discover and clear out the triggers that can provoke an attack
  • techniques to calm the fear of anxiety attack

and a special Quick Anxiety Stopper Technique that you can learn to use to stop an anxiety attack in its tracks


Ananga: “I’ll be sharing in detail my favourite three-point technique derived from Emotional Freedom Techniques that can be used anywhere and anytime anxiety strikes to feel more calm and in control. I’ve been using this technique personally for over 20 years and have shared it with hundreds of people in workshops and One-to-One Tapping Sessions around the UK. I love seeing the relief on people’s faces when they realise that you really can stop an anxiety attack when you know how to use the Quick Anxiety Stopper.”




The key to breaking free from the anxiety attack cycle is in calming and supporting the thoughts and triggers that provoke the attacks. This kind of support needs to be thorough and cover anxiety from different angles; the symptoms, the fear of the fear, and learning how to stop an attack in its tracks.

see the full course contents here




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