Anxiety Exercise: The Calming Point


Nature has provided us all with a network of energy points that we can quickly learn to use for our own well-being. Some of these points are particularly good for inducing calm, and one of the most convenient of these calming points is found right in the centre of the palm of your hand. Ayurveda teacher Dr Vasant Lad has introduced this vital energy point as a valuable aid in reducing anxiety.  Here's how to use it.


a shiatsu practitioner tapes a buckwheat seed to the calming pointFinding and Using the Calming Point

To find the point make a fist with your left hand and look for where your middle finger touches your palm. Now press that point with the thumb of your right hand for about a minute while you take deep steady breaths.

Relax your jaw and let your shoulders drop and relax as you hold the point and keep taking slow deep breaths. 


Shiatsu photo by kiwinky