Can anxiety be cured?

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In this week's podcast we're discussing the question: can anxiety be cured?

Whenever we talk about disease or illness, we become concerned with the word cure. We want relief, we want restoration to health, we want the symptoms to go away, and we want it fast.

The good news about finding relief from anxiety is that anxiety attacks can be brought under control to the point that you are able to enjoy living a regular comfortable life, but there are many things that can re-trigger or increase general anxiety. Things like big life stressors, hormonal changes etc.


Expecting anxiety to be cured may be putting yourself under the pressure of an unreasonable expectation. There are many illnesses that we can encounter several times during our lifetime: colds and flus, viruses, allergies, asthma etc If you do experience anxiety again in your life it doesn't mean you failed, and it doesn't mean it's back for ever. What it does mean is that it's time to look after yourself and put into action the steps that will help you find relief.


There is the opportunity for anxiety sufferers to learn and develop a skill set that you can bring into practice any time you need to. It may take a little time, and it definitely takes some persistence and practice,  but the learning and self-understanding that comes from that is real healing.


Ayurveda, Anxiety and the Mind

We've talked before about Ayurveda and anxiety relief. Ayurveda teaches that the mind is very sensitive and easily disturbed. 

That means all of our minds; it is the nature of the mind to be disturbed. Accepting that fact and knowing how to help the mind feel safe and calm is one of the great lessons of personal development.

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