Decrease Your Level of Anxiety: An interview with Margaret Reffell

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In this week's podcast Shann talks with Margaret Reffell of

Margaret explains why some foods increase anxiety and also shares her own personal story of recovery from anxiety and agoraphobia.



Questions covered in this podcast include:


1. Have you dealt with anxiety before? How did it affect your life?


2. What triggered you to begin the path of natural and holistic treatment?


3. How does the food we eat effect anxiety levels?


4. In what way does exercise aid in the elimination of anxious feelings?


5. If you could give us 3 things to do TODAY that would decrease our anxiety levels, what would they be?


6. Is there one take home message that you could deliver to the anxiety slayer audience, what would it be?


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Bio: Margaret is Neuroscience Expert, a Culinary Nutritionist, a Certified Kinesiologist, Fitness Instructor, Daughter, Sister, Cat Owner, World Traveller, Keynote Speaker and Life Enthusiast.

The Anxiety Slayer audience is welcome to claim a free copy of "The 5 Things You Are Doing RIght Now That Are Increasing Your Anxiety Levels" at: