Guided EFT Tapping Session: Finding Hope for Overcoming Your Anxiety

We get a lot of questions about EFT Tapping. Questions like does it really work? How can it help me? And where can I learn how to do it?

In this week's podcast we're sharing a guided tapping session on using EFT Tapping for overcoming anxiety's tricks of the mind.

 If you've been wondering about trying EFT for your anxiety, you can try it right here in this podcast. If you haven't heard of EFT Tapping we hope you'll join us and try it too.

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Recent coverage

Fox News, The Truth about Cancer and The UK's Daily Mail Newspaper have all recently recommended EFT Tapping with emphasis on it's usefulness for anxiety, depression and clearing emotional blocks. The press coverage also noted that an added benefit of EFT was that once you've learned how to use it you can keep applying it for yourself anywhere and anytime you choose.

Deepak Copra, Dr Mercola and Louise Hay all recommend EFT for emotional healing.

Anxiety’s tricks of the mind

Anxiety often blocks us from getting help and trying new things. In this podcast we want to help you get beyond that.

Two key tricks that anxiety plays with our thinking are: that nothing will work and we are alone in our struggle.

Two key anxiety tricks of the mind:

  • Nothing works

  • Isolation

    • I’m different - there’s something uniquely wrong with me

    • No-one will understand

How EFT gives hope

  • EFT treats the negative generalisations of the mind

  • EFT calms the feelings and symptoms of anxiety within minutes

  • EFT gives confidence to ask for help or look at things to try

Guided Tapping Session

Tune in to this epsiode to follow along with our guided tapping session. If the podcast player doesn't show up on your device you can download the episode here

Now you’ve tried EFT you can go deeper and start using it to calm your own anxiety whether it’s social anxiety, health anxiety, general anxiety, or any other specific fear or phobia EFT can help you feel more calm and in control.

Learn EFT for yourself today with our 

Step-by-Step EFT for Anxiety Relief Course