Support for Recovering from Shock or Trauma

Notes from this podcast

Eat simple healing meals

Warm nourishing breakfast: oatmeal, barley, quinoa flakes with cinnamon and almond milk

Avoid raw foods and favour meals that are warm and easy to digest for example: simple vegatable soups and stews with olive oil. Dal and rice, steamed vegetables.

The key words for nerve-nourishing nutrition are: warm, wet and slightly oily

Keep hydrated 

Sip water frequently - not ice cold or with added ice.

Cool water with Rescue Remedy

Warm teas with calming spices like fennel, chamomile, cinnamon or cloves

Oil up 

Practice oil massage - find out about Ayurvedic self oil massage here

Oil feet before sleep 

Move and breathe 

Gentle walks in nature while taking deep breaths

Rocking and breathing

Restorative yoga

Bedtime settling and healing routine

Warm milk - lamond or dairy. Add nutmeg for sleep, saffron for the heart.

Heart breathing practice.

Guided healing meditation - listen to a sample of our Solace album on iTunes and Amazon

Morning Healing Ritual

Listen to the podcast for a shared story from Claudia Welch - The Power to Heal the Past

Wake before dawn, daily, preferably at the same time each morning. Spend some time in loving meditation or contemplation, preferably facing the same direction each morning, no matter where you are, in a room or space that feels safe and undisturbed.

Apply some 100% natural essential oil of rose or other pleasing, sweet scent to the wrists, neck and to the center of the sternum.

Sing or listen to a melodious, loving song.