Help for Fixation and Noise Increasing Anxiety

In this week's podcast we are responding to a question about fixation on external noise:

"Hi have you any techniques to help stop fixation? I tend to do this and it leads to anxiety and sometimes a panic attack. A recent example occurred at an ice hockey match - it's always a very loud and raucous affair, however they have started selling vuvuzelas :( there was a party of kids behind me blowing these incessantly for 15-20mins, and while others seemed to find it a little annoying, I started to fixate on it, the noise was so loud. I could feel anxiety and fear brewing. "What if it never stops", "I'll go mad", "I need to get away from this". I tried to talk myself down and zone it out and they did eventually stop and it calmed a bit, but while others I was with seemed to find it a little annoyance, I found it a real hardship due to my fixation on it. I have the same issue with other invasive noises I cannot control, and wish i could accept them without anxiety about it taking over."

Listen to the podcast "Tips for handling fixation on noise" here:

If your device doesn't show the podcast player you can listen and download this episode here: Tips for Handling Fixation

Points covered in the podcast:

Sometimes we get fixated when we're over stressed, or anxious and we are trying to bring order. We fix on something external and we get really affected by it.

Techniques that can help

- observe and detach

- notice there is noise but it's not part of me

Carry Earplugs

We recommend Hearos or Macks, they come in different densities and with different levels of noise cancellation. Some block the sound until it's barely audible, others just block it enough to be more comfortable.

Give yourself permission to move

We don't have to stay anywhere we aren't comfortable. Sometimes people pay to see a movie and they find it disturbing, but they've paid so they stay. That's called paying twice! Give yourself permission to move. "If this doesn't settle in 5 minutes I'm moving."

Learn EFT Tapping

EFT is great for these kinds of situations, it can help you feel more calm very quickly, it also brings some flexibility in our thinking about how to handle this kind of situation. In my experience EFT not only tackles anxiety but also consistently helps us develop resourceful approaches to the situations that challenge us.

Find out about EFT Tapping here...