How to deal with depersonalization and anxiety

In this week's podcast we're responding to a question from our inbox on depersonalization and anxiety:

"How do you slay depersonalization? This is the worst symptom of anxiety that I deal with."

Points covered in the podcast:

During anxiety induced depersonalisation we can feel as if our thoughts and actions are not our own, we might feel as if we are not fully present in our body, or as if we are watching ouselves from the outside.  

  • We might feel dissociated from our environment

  • This can include perceiving objects as unsolid or moving

  • Feeling like we're in a bubble or a jar

  • Feeling unreal or not present

Ananga shares her out of body experience

Ayurveda on depersonalization and anxiety

Practices that can help

- Qigong / yoga / breathing

- grounding

- nutrition

- oil massage

- noting sensory information as a grounding practice

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