Help! My anxiety makes me sick, or feel like I’m going to pass out

In this week's podcast we're responding to the following question:

I suffer from stress and anxiety and this triggers me to be sick whenever I get nervous. When I have panic attacks, it's hard for me to swallow and breathe and I feel as though I have a lump in my throat and I'm going to choke. I get really dizzy and feel like I'm going to pass out. It really affects me and I feel really down at times.



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Anxiety can often cause disturbing symptoms like nausea, digestive upsets, feeling a lump in throat etc. This is something we have both experienced.


Notes from this episode


Take comfort from a quick anatomy lesson

The trachea, the pipe bringing air into your lungs is generously designed to stay open. It is held firm by C shaped rings of cartilage designed to give it some rigidity and do the best job it can of getting your breath straight to your lungs without obstruction.


While panic attacks feel like you can’t breathe, they can’t stop you breathing. That’s good to know. Of course, when you are in the middle of an attack you might not remember this. So you need tools to help you calm panic attacks and get them under control. For this we recommend you learn EFT Tapping or the Quick Anxiety Stopper and use them every day. The Quick Anxiety Stopper sequence is designed specifically for calming anxiety attacks is perfect for calming these anxiety symptoms too, it used three acupressure points: one on the stomach meridian for that helps stop nausea, one under the arm to help stop you feeling that you are going to pass out and another on the kidney meridian that quickly calms fear and panic. It’s very quick and easy to use.


The EFT Tapping sequence also contains these three points among a few more. We recommend choosing one of these two valuable techniques and really getting to know them and you can stop these awful feelings in their tracks.


Herbs & Hydration

Try fennel tea for calming your stomach, mint and ginger are also helpful.


And add Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy every day in your water


Be prepared and be persistent and you will soon see an improvement

It's common for your mind to tell you something is terribly wrong and to zoom in on the feeling in your throat. Every time it does that use the Quick Anxiety Stopper or just start tapping the point under your eye. Every time.


This is very important, use the sequence every day, several times a day. Keep doing it.