How can I get help for my anxiety when I don’t know what’s causing it?


We recently asked our Facebook community: "What is your biggest struggle with anxiety?"

We received several responses about the suffering of not knowing the cause of anxiety. Comments like: "How Can I get help when I don’t know why I get anxiety attacks?" “Not knowing what's causing it is the worst!" and "How can I fix myself if I can't find where I'm broken?”

In this episode, Ananga is sharing how Ayurveda's understanding of the mind helped her overcome her own anxiety and sharing some teachings that we hope will support you too.


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Notes from the show:

You don’t need to know the cause of your anxiety to get help. There are many tools and techniques that can support you without knowing the cause.


We tend to think we have to figure it all out for ourselves, but when the mind is already unsettled we just get more entangled in anxiety.

Ayurveda and the Mind

It’s a trick of the mind to tell you you’re broken and that nothing will work

  • The mind has a negative bias and tends to zoom in on our worries
  • The mind isn’t in charge
  • You’re not your mind and you are not your thoughts.
  • The real you can’t be broken, though it can feel like it.

Ananga talks about Ayurveda and the mind and intelligence - mother/child relationship

  • Protection (media, noise, loud music)
  • Guidance (informed intelligence guiding the mind)
  • Loving observation (kind witnessing and gentle adjustments)
Ayurveda offers a vast treasury of knowledge on the qualities of the mind and it all begins with examining our influences and choices. Protecting the mind and supporting the mind.

We hope you found this podcast supportive. If this discussion is something you would like to explore further, you can find out more about protecting your mind and overcoming anxiety in our How to Calm Your Fragile Mind Course