It’s our 8th Anniversary and we’re celebrating with a special sale



In this week's podcast, we're celebrating our 8th Anniversary and talking about some supportive practices for being with and calming emotional pain we've just added to our most popular course.


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Notes from the show

We often receive questions in our inbox asking us to teach more about working with unwanted thoughts and painful emotions. And also receive regular requests for more information on Ayurveda and its teachings on calming the mind - today Ananga and I are discussing our How to Calm Your Fragile Mind course, where we go in-depth into both subjects. And… we have just included some extra wisdom teachings and practices just in time for a special anniversary sale.


Our new updated version of How to Calm Your Fragile Mind now includes a guided EFT Tapping Practice for honouring your emotions, an Ayurvedic meditation practice to help you calm your mind, and the Emotional Stress Release technique to help you ease anxious thoughts and worries.


In this week’s podcast, we’re sharing a little about the new Guided Tapping Practice in the course that we have created to help you work with deeper self-compassion when emotional pain arises.


The Importance of Honouring Our Emotions 

There are many ways to use EFT Tapping, the usual practice is to name a specific issue for example, a fear of spiders, a specific trauma, or even physical pain.


In this case, EFT is used in a very targeted way where one problem is selected and focused on for the tapping session.


But EFT can also be used very effectively for Tapping for positive aspirations like permission to rest, claiming personal space, setting better boundaries. Or one of our favourite areas opening to hope and working with self-acceptance.


The Pain of Resistance

The tendency is to become brittle as we resist, as a part of us shouts “No!” The mind tends to focus in on what we don’t want, what we fear, what might go wrong next and we tense up and resist.


Many of the practices and wisdom teachings included in How to Calm Your Fragile Mind are designed to help you settle with your more unwelcome feelings. To be with any emotional pain you are currently experiencing with self-kindness.


This can take real courage and this tapping practice can help us breathe and be with what is and as we do the edges of the pain will naturally soften and we can begin the path of self-understanding and release.


We can’t fix everything, and there are many things we can’t change. We will experience many situations and outcomes that don’t go anywhere near how we would have them turn out. But they are happening anyway.


Our, challenge is to soften the resistance and to turn to ourselves with loving acceptance. To be here for ourselves no matter what.


We will experience many emotional storms, but we don’t have to get struck by their lighting. This practice is offered to you be with the rain and thunder and witness it with a kind acceptance towards yourself.


This too shall pass and there is an opportunity to heal and grow in practising self-compassion while to does.