How to create an anxiety slayer care kit

The New Year can be tough for anxiety sufferers as it often comes with a host of expectations and the inclination to make resolutions which often just increase our stress.

Instead of piling on, we recommend taking extra care and would like to share some tips for carrying an anxiety slayer care kit...

Things we recommend you carry

  • water or a flask of warm herbal tea - keeping hydrated is important

  • some mints and/or lip salve - sometimes anxiety is triggered by physical sensations that may or may not be anxiety e.g. a dry mouth. That can happen for many reasons but if you have had it with anxiety the chances are your mind has flagged it as a problem or warning signal so you might want to carry some mints and/or lip salve

  • a calming playlist on your phone or mp3 player - you could also load some guided breathing preactices, or relaxations or a favourite podcast episode

  • Rescue Remedy spray (available from Amazon and most health stores)

  • comfortable earphones - many anxiety sufferers are highly sensitive to noise, earphones can help you block out some external sound and choose what you want to hear

  • a piece of fruit or snack - if hunger or blood sugar fluctuations affect your anxiety keep a piece of fruit or snack with you.

  • a permission note - give yourself permission to stop and take five minutes. Write it on a slip of paper and keep it with you (a tip we borrowed from Brene Brown).

Our personal favourites:

Ananga's support kit:

Earphones - regular and noise cancelling and my iPod

Earplugs  - soft and comfy in case I need to be really quiet for a few minutes

My meditation beads

Rescue Remedy night time spray

Relaxing tea selection: Lemon balm, chamomile, peppermint and fennel

An uplifting book - reading while blocking out noise helps me retreat into my own comfortable environment

Shann's support kit:

Favourite playlists and earphones

Spring water

Colouring markers and journal

Amethyst crystal


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Emotional Peace: Guided Meditations for Challenging Times

by Shann Vander Leek & Ananga Sivyer

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Emotional Peace is a collection of guided meditations created to ease stress and anxiety during challenging times. Spoken by Shann Vander Leek from the Anxiety Slayer podcast with soothing background music by Ananga.