How to Enjoy a Full and Magical Life Even When You Struggle with Anxiety Featuring Leonie Dawson

In this week's podcast, Shann had the pleasure of interviewing Leonie Dawson, founder of The Amazing Life and Biz Academy and creator of 2017 My Shining Year.

Shann and Leonie discuss her anxiety journey that began shortly after the birth of her daughter, almost 6 years ago. Since then she's learned that anxiety runs deep in her family and that after trying absolutely everything to calm her mind without medication, she surrendered got some counseling and filled a prescription and finally got the support she needed. Today, Leonie is enjoying a full life with much less suffering due to generalized anxiety and tells us that she views her anxiety as a gift.


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"It's okay for you to require more support, gentleness, and quiet." 
- Leonie Dawson 

Topics of discussion in this podcast:

Sensitive Souls
- Celebrate your sensitive nature

- An excellent source of self-care for general anxiety 

Medication & Counseling
- Medication changed everything

- Learn why Leonie is mad about essential oils 

Social Anxiety
-Thoughtful monitoring of social events

Self-Love Ritual
-Learn about Leonie's favorite self-love ritual 

Why Anxiety is a gift
- Mindfulness, self-care, spaciousness



Leonie creates a special guidebook every year that is a big hit with over 250,000 guidebooks sold.
You can learn more and get your own copy here.