How to make your own Anxiety Slayer first aid kit

In this week's podcast we're celebrating 4 MILLION downloads and replaying one of our most popular episodes: How to make your own Anxiety Slayer first aid kit.

Things we recommend you carry

  • water or a flask of warm herbal tea - keeping hydrated is important
  • some mints and/or lip salve - sometimes anxiety is triggered by physical sensations that may or may not be anxiety e.g. a dry mouth. That can happen for many reasons but if you have had it with anxiety the chances are your mind has flagged it as a problem or warning signal so you might want to carry some mints and/or lip salve
  • a calming playlist on your phone or mp3 player - you could also load some guided breathing preactices, or relaxations or a favourite podcast episode
  • Rescue Remedy spray (available from Amazon and most health stores)
  • comfortable earphones - many anxiety sufferers are highly sensitive to noise, earphones can help you block out some external sound and choose what you want to hear
  • a piece of fruit or snack - if hunger or blood sugar fluctuations affect your anxiety keep a piece of fruit or snack with you.
  • a permission note - give yourself permission to stop and take five minutes.  Write it on a slip of paper and keep it with you (a tip we borrowed from Brene Brown).


Our personal favourites:


Ananga's support kit:

Noise cancelling earphones and my mp3 player

Earplugs  - soft and comfy in case I need to be really quiet for a few minutes

My meditation beads

Rescue Remedy night time spray

Relaxing tea selection: Lemon balm, chamomile, peppermint and fennel

An uplifting book - reading while blocking out noise helps me retreat into my own comfortable environment


Shann's support kit:

Favourite playlists and earphones

Spring water

Colouring markers and journal

Amethyst crystal

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