When I try meditation to help my anxiety it makes me fall asleep. Do you have any tips?

In this week's podcast were responding to this question from our inbox: When I try meditation to help my anxiety it makes me fall asleep. Do you have any tips?

Notes from the podcast:


The word meditation covers a wide range of practices - if we’re talking about falling asleep during a guided meditation, or a relaxation practice - it might be just what you need!


Often when we feel sleepy during meditation it's because we're stepping down from the high adrenaline state of fight or flight. Meditation is very relaxing and sometimes, the body will take the time to shut down for a while when it gets the chance.

Be gentle with yourself - your body might be exhausted

If you find yourself going into a deep sleep, allow it and keep coming back to the meditation the next day. After a while, once you’ve had some time with slowing down and relaxing, you should feel more awake.


Tips for Staying Awake During more Traditional Meditation

For more traditional meditation for example, mindful meditation, or mantra meditation the following tips can help you stay awake:

  • water tip: splash your face with cool water before meditating, or hold cool water in your mouth while you bathe your eyes and face
  • raise your arms above your head and take some deep breaths
  • stand up or walk (mantra meditation can be practised while pacing up and down, mindful walking is also a calming form of meditation)


Good meditation starts the day before

If you want to practice a morning meditation the following suggestions can help you have a relaxed but present experience.

  • have an early night
  • eat light evening meal, and not too late in the evening
  • set an intention that tomorrow you will meditate in the morning