Interview with Mel Schwartz author of the newly released book The Possibility Principle

Mel Schwartz
Anxiety Slayer is pleased to share a powerful interview with Dr. Mel Shwartz about his new book, The Possibility Principle: How Quantum Physics Can Improve The Way You Think, Live, and Love.”

Mel Schwartz is a psychotherapist, marriage counselor, author, speaker, and seminar leader in private practice in Westport, CT and Manhattan for more than two decades. He is the author of 3 books including his latest, The Possibility Principle.”

Listen in and learn how to develop a mastery of your thinking and overcome anxiety and depression through a shift of mind, and embrace uncertainty to ride the waves of personal change.

Anxiety Slayer Show Question/Notes

What inspired you to write The Possibility Principle?
You talk about the 3 core tenets of Quantum physics. How can these core tenets help our listeners shift their minds to live an anxiety-free life?

  • uncertainty
  • inseparability
  • potentiality

Recently you did a powerful TEDx Talk in Boston about Transcending Anxiety. Please share some of your message and approach to slaying anxiety?

You say the need for certainty provokes anxiety. Tell us more.

How else are you helping people who are suffering with anxiety find relief?



Listeners can pick up a copy of The Possibility Principle on Amazon and in all good book stores.

For additional information about Mel’s practice, concierge therapy offerings, live interactive workshops, and talks please visit