Physical sensations that lead to health anxiety thoughts


Hi Anxiety Slayer, I wanted to thank you for this podcast, you guys have helped me so much over the years and got me through some pretty averages times. I'm still on my anxiety slayer journey and like anything there are ups and downs however a lot more ups theses days. 
I'd love for you guys to talk around physical sensations which can lead to health anxiety thoughts,my biggest problem!

Points covered in the podcast

Defer it - tell yourself: if this is still present in a week I will consider getting support then.
Usually it won’t be and you will have moved on to worrying about something else!

However, if the symptom is persisting please seek professional medical advice.

Ground yourself in the present Draw yourself back to what you know for sure in this moment.
”Right now I’m here, doing this.”

EFT Tapping for physical symptoms and health worries

Bach Flower Remedies - Rescue Remedy Night Time spray which includes White Chestnut for calming persistent unwanted thoughts

Support yourself in reducing general anxiety - when we’re anxious the mind tends to zoom in on physical sensations and escalate them.

An anxious mind is always anticipating problems and it will go for our sensitive areas - that might be health, relationships, social anxieties. Working to reduce your overall anxiety will help you calm health anxiety thoughts.

Find out more by listening to the full podcast.