Interview with Seamus Anthony of Rebel Zen

Rather than a straight up therapist or practitioner in this week's podcast we have a special, fairly left-of-centre guest who describes himself as being “an odd combination of Nick Cave, Billy Connolly and Deepak Chopra”. He plays rough, dark rock music laced with earthy, liberated humour while also inspiring people with his own brand of philosophy he calls Rebel Zen.


Seamus Anthony is a musician & writer from Australia who has found the resilience and perspective that has enables him to persist and really enjoy being a creative worker through meditation. After an amazing time of it as a young man, riding high on early local success in his 1990’s band, reckoning, he soon fell to earth with a crash and battled for many years with anxiety, depression and substance  issues. However, through more than one challenge, Seamus has continued on by using meditation and “universal perspective” to rise to the challenges of life and have an awesome time keeping on.


He has written many articles professionally for New Age and personal development publications and run a blog for a few years now called and via this he spells out his left-of-centre philosophies. One thing that came of it was an ebook which he has now given away free to over five thousand people called Psychedelic Meditation.  


Seamus has a new e-book to give away to our guests called Anxiety Meditation. Please use the coupon code: awesome to claim you free copy.




Listen to the full podcast here (if your browser doesn't show the podcast player please listen on iTunes



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