Is Anxiety Hereditary?

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfightcc

In this week's podcast we are responding to a question from our inbox: "is anxiety hereditary?"

Shann and I both have mothers who are prone to anxiety and our grandmothers were too. Yet, we don't feel that anxiety is hereditary i.e. set in stone by genetics, but rather that we might learn anxiety as a response and be heavily influenced by our upbringing.

In this podcast we are talking about finding hope if you feel you have a strong thread of anxiety running through your family.

Topics covered in the "Is Anxiety Hereditary?" podcast include:

- the power of coping skills

- not passing on anxiety to our own children

- changing limiting beliefs about being stuck with anxiety

The recommended resource in this podcast is EFT tapping - you can learn to use EFT to reduce your anxiety and diffuse negative thoughts with our EFT for Anxiety Relief Course