Pace Yourself

Photo Credit: KariHak

Many of our listeners have reached out to us for suggestions about how to reduce the discomfort of anxiety in the new year.

We've been hearing questions like:

Will this year the year I feel better?

Will this be the year I learn to better care for my fragile mind?

And most often we're asked: Where do I begin to find some relief from all of the pressures of my job and personal life?

It's natural to come into a new year with curiosity and an interest in optimum mental health.

We invite you to practice pacing yourself while making self-care your #1 priority for anxiety free living.

If you listen closely, you know what you need.

- When you're tired, rest

- When you're sad, cry.

- When you feel anxious, breathe.

- When you are frightened, seek support from a trusted friend.

We invite you to nourish yourself with comfort foods like soups and vegetable stews that are easy to digest.

Explore and practice breathing exercises and EFT Tapping. Allow for warm baths and time to rest and unwind. Pace yourself. Love yourself.

You are perfect just as you are. You've got this!